BEHIND THE SONG: “Hard To Love” By Justine Blanchet

August 22, 2022


Canadian country artist Justine Blanchet just released her newest single, “Hard to Love” on all digital platforms and Canadian radio on August 19th. Today we’re excited to be teaming up with her take our readers an exclusive look behind her new single! Check it out below:

Heya!! Justine Blanchet here born and raised in Montreal, Quebec! Thank you so much for having me on here! I’m so excited to share with y’all my new single “Hard to Love”.


The Inspiration

The song “Hard to Love” is all about wanting to love somebody, but because that person is not emotionally available, it makes the relationship very difficult. I really like this song and it spoke to me because I’ve been in a relationship with someone like that. It’s okay, though, because it’s always better to be with someone who can truly appreciate you. There’s something to be said about loving yourself first and finding someone who can love you the same way. “Hard to Love” basically says that anyone who doesn’t see what’s in front of them doesn’t get to be tangled up in my sheets.


The Creation

The creation of the song was so much fun! I went to Nashville last fall and had lunch with Danick Dupelle. We got someone to find the song for me, and then Danick got to building the track. During my time in Music City, I got to drop by the studio to see the song progress and meet some of the musicians playing on the track. I was set to go home early December, so we got to record rough vocal tracks before I left. I went home and locally recorded the vocal tracks with Danick on Facetime. It was one of the most interesting recording session I’ve ever had! The cover art photograph was taken in the spring by Emma-Lee, another Canadian and Bronwin Parks made the covert art design.


The Audience

This song is for anybody who’s been or is in a tough relationship. Maybe your partner didn’t make you feel like you deserve to be loved. I know I was. Sometimes emotional unavailability comes with lack of maturity which means you must let go and give them the space to grow. It’s hard! But it’s harder to stay in a relationship that leaves you stressed out and miserable. That said, somewhere along the line, you’ll find someone who has enough emotional maturity to see what’s in front of them. Only then, will you find the meaning of “easy to love”. I haven’t found that yet and it’s taken me a lot of time to know what means to love yourself.


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