On the Iceman’s New Country chart!!

I'm living a dream!! My song #Strong is on the Iceman's New Country chart!!! I'm also the "Iceman's New Artist Spotlight"!!!! This is all because someone who heard my music contacted Bobby "The Iceman" Golomboski!! Thanks Donna, you're an angel!! http://theiceman.net/the-icemans-top-40-new-country-artist-chart  #Blessed #Grateful

Homeschooling and Me

Did you know I was homeschooled? This is a great article about homeschooling and it talks about me!! Thanks to Laurel Coatsworth from CCHE!! https://cche.ca/homeschooling-gets-a-tune-up-how-alternative-education-put-singer-justine-blanchet-on-the-road-to-success/

Happy New Year!

May the dawn of this New Year fill your heart with new hopes; opens up new horizons and bring for you promises of brighter tomorrows. Have a wonderful year ahead! #HappyNewYear Puisse l'aube de cette nouvelle année emplir votre cœur de nouveaux espoirs; ouvre de nouveaux horizons et apporte pour vous des promesses de lendemains [...]