A high energy country show where classic favorites intermix with  today's new country chart toppers

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Streams (2019)

Recent Notable Performances

Blue Jay Cafe – 2019

Expo Brome Fair – 2019

Festival Country de Lotbinière – 2019

Diamonds in the Rough Showcase (CCMA) – 2018 & 2019

Global News Montreal – 2017, 2018 & 2019

Clarence-Rockland Jamboree – 2018

Norwood Jamboree – 2018

Canada Day (Greenfield Park) – 2018

Big Valley Jamboree (Homegrown Talent Stage) – 2017

Bluebird Cafe in Nashville – 2017

RBC Bluesfest (She’s The One) – 2016


Justine Blanchet is a « new country » singer-songwriter from Quebec. Born in a musical family, she has been crafting her warm vocals and songwriting style since her childhood. Her musical journey earned her many distinctions and outstanding awards as well as notable appearances at the Nashville’s legendary Bluebird Cafe, Global News Montreal, Big Valley Jamboree, RBC Bluesfest (She’s the One) and Diamonds in the Rough showcase (CCMA). 

Full of insightful lyrics and catchy melodies, her music has been compared to a young Taylor Swift. Blanchet’s writing style is authentic, frequently drawing on her own life experiences and fueled by her strong desire to connect with people through her music. “I like to tell stories and write about what I know. It’s not about always being happy or being deep, it’s just about being real.”

But to truly experience the force that is Justine Blanchet, you need to see her perform. No matter the setting, the multi-instrumentalist kicks into another gear once she gets on stage. Whether singing emotional ballads or rip-roaring barn-burners from her own repertoire or well-known covers, Justine captures audiences with her heartfelt and energetic performances. She makes it her mission to connect with everyone: “My live show is where I really get to connect with the crowd and create for them an unforgettable experience.”

Justine is currently working on new music that she can’t wait to share with her fans. Her new single Hearbeat, released this fall, is now available on all digital platforms and is also playing in many country radios across Canada. Produced by Yann Bélanger (Emerson Drive), Heartbeat brings a new twist to modern country music. To stay updated on all of Justine’s music, live performances, and fan information, visit her website at: http://www.justineblanchet.com

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