Fresh Finds: Justine Blanchet – Hard to Love

BORED CITY – FRESH FINDS Canadian country songstress Justine Blanchet grabbed our attention with her beautiful song “Hard to Love.” The minute we heard Justine’s voice, we fell in love with it and couldn’t get it out of our heads. She has one of the purest and most charming voices we’ve ever heard and her performance on this record is on another level. This record is packed with energy and it’s been one of our favorite songs to date.

Get To Know Canadian Country Artist Justine Blanchet

FRONT PORCH – JENNA Justine has been hard at work between Quebec and Nashville since her previously released music, working on a matured sound and a look to match. Blanchet feels more connected than ever to the music she’s putting out and her brand as an artist.

Justine Blanchet’s “Hard To Love”

MEDIUM – DONNA BLOCK Justine Blanchet’s “Hard To Love”
“This song is about wanting to love someone but because of their emotional unavailability, they don’t realize what’s in front of them. While I didn’t write this song, that feeling of falling for someone — who in turn makes it so difficult to truly love them — resonated with me.”

Justine Blanchet – Hard to Love

Bringing together the familiar organic embrace of country with a pop-ready overtone and a huge chorus, Justine Blanchet keeps things emotive and honest, for the relatable new single Hard To Love.

Behind the song: “Hard To Love”

Canadian country artist Justine Blanchet just released her newest single, “Hard to Love” on all digital platforms and Canadian radio on August 19th. Today we’re excited to be teaming up with her take our readers an exclusive look behind her new single! Check it out below.

Justine Blanchet Reminds Us People Can Be “Hard To Love” In Latest Single

Justine Blanchet delivers her new single “Hard To Love” today with a reminder that loving someone isn’t going to make them love you back.

With lyrics that paint imagery of difficult relationships where one person is more invested than the other, Blanchet’s soulful country vocal elevates this perfectly.

Justine Blanchet Shares New Single Hard to Love-Single Review

Justine Blanchet finds that emotionally unavailable suitors are “Hard To Love”
Canadian country artist Justine Blanchet is thrilled to release her newest single, “Hard to Love,” on all digital platforms and Canadian radio on August 19.

We’ve teamed up with Justine to give Canadian Beats readers get an exclusive first listen!

Justine Blanchet unveils video for “Get Out of the Mud”

Justine Blanchet continues the momentum of her catchy new single “Get Out of the Mud” with the release of its official music video. The up-and-coming country singer-songwriter recently released the official music video following her single release to Canadian country radio.

La nouvelle ère de Justine Blanchet


Zachary Richard disait que travailler c’est trop dur. Ce n’est pas le cas pour la jeune chanteuse new country Justine Blanchet. Travaillante, sympathique et talentueuse, Justine Blanchet a tout pour plaire. Celle qui rêverait de sortir un EP à la fin de l’année prochaine tâte le terrain en sortant un nouveau single intitulé Get out of the mud le 12 février prochain. Nous avons eu le plaisir de nous entretenir avec elle quelques jours avant la sortie de sa nouvelle chanson.

Justine Blanchet Set to Launch “Get Out of the Mud”

CANADIAN MUSIC BLOG Country singer-songwriter Justine Blanchet is set to get us all out of the mud that life sometimes thrusts at our boots with new single “Get Out of the Mud”. It will be out on the usual platforms February 12, 2021. Justine has shared the stage with established greats The Reklaws and James Barker Band. Her songs have racked up over a million views on YouTube and 300k streams on Spotify. Previous single “Hearbeat” helped her get a nod as one to watch at the CBC Searchlight 2020 competition.

Justine Blanchet releases new single “Get Out of the Mud” to Canadian country radio

CANADIAN BEATS – DUTCH BICKELL Justine Blanchet has released her new hit single “Get Out of the Mud” to country radios across Canada. The new single is a follow up to Blanchet’s most recent singles; “Got Away,” “Heartbeat,” and “Strong.” The up-and-coming country singer-songwriter will release the new single to her fans on February 12, 2021.

“Get Out of the Mud” – nouvel extrait de Justine Blanchet

C’est aujourd’hui que l’auteure-compositrice-interprète lance son nouvel extrait « Get Out of the Mud » dans toutes les radios du Canada. Après Got Away et Heartbeat, la chanteuse country Justine Blanchet nous propose une nouvelle chanson parfaite pour se préparer à l’été!